Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A day with friends from Germany and Russia

"We have three travelers at the same time in Karachi. Would you like to meet them?", said Muzzammil, one of the most experienced local travelers and a good friend of mine. "

Why not? Anytime you decide", said I.

It was January 1st when I attended a local CS meeting, arranged by Muzzammil, at Zameer Kabab at Bahadurabad, where I met two travelers, Manuell, a professional photographer from Germany and Dunya, a bold girl and committed traveler from Russia who came all the way from Turkey by road. There I was informed by Muzzammil about their desire to visit Shipwrecking yard at Gaddani, the worlds third largest one. The idea seemed interesting to me as I was also waiting for some opportunity or reason to see the same stuff. Saturday was eventually decided for the trip.

Journey to the Ship Breaking Yard

The three surfers including another friend from Germany, Janis Zoll, arrived at a "chai hotel" near Hassan Square where we had a Chai and started our journey. It took only an hour when we started feeling fresh air of Highway. Everyone needed to go to washroom so we stopped at a gas station where drinks and refreshments were bought and then the journey resumed.

We reached the ship breaking yard at 1 in the afternoon and then came the big ship graveyard where huge metal pieces, engines, fans and other different parts of abandoned ships could be witnessed. Two or three hours were obviously not enough to completely see and taking snaps. Though we tried to go up on the ships to see the hard working labor from close but we were not allowed because of safety issues. But who cares about the safety of those labor who work for Rs500-600 wage???
Muzzammil, looking around the ship graveyard

Manuell, getting ready to take pictures
Don't know exactly which part of a ship is this 
This one is ready to be 
Myself and Muzzammil trying to get some air beside this huge fan :)
Should be engine or something similar
Dunya, wanted to be photographed besides a dead and strange fish anyway
Janis, getting some heat from sun on the beach
Manuell, with one of the most hardworking labor
Then we started the journey back to home at 4 in the evening. Muzzammil wanted our friends to try Nihari, one of the traditional Pakistani food. So we stopped at Sohail Nihari near Nazimabad and had delicious Nihari which was also liked by the surfers.

Having Nihari at Nazimabad on the way back
Coincidentally, my friend's reception was on the same night and I couldn't miss that opportunity to invite my friends to experience the local culture and taste delicious food. As a matter of fact, they didn't want to miss that either and were happy to accept my invitation. "Why not? We'll be happy to come", said Manuell followed by Dunya and Janis.
My best friend with his lovely bride

Me along with my friend, enjoying chats with our foreign guests