Sunday, April 13, 2014

Do you fancy having Chai Paratha at Pyala Hotel, Karachi?

Being politically hit and target of target killings by its own residents, Karachi still has to offer a lot of stuff that can't be experienced or seen in any other big city of the world. Karachi in many ways can be compared to cities like New York and Shanghai and only if it wasn't the target of its own, politically backed locals in 80's and 90's, it would exactly be like the biggest and famous cities of the world.

One of the famous and culturally rich place in Karachi is Pyala (bowl) hotel, opened 24/7 and offers verity of foods to the locals. Pyala hotel is one of the oldest Chai (tea) hotel in Karachi and has earned popularity because it serves tea in bowls instead of cups and different and good taste. Large number of people which may number in triple digits can be seen outside and inside the hotel even at 3.00 in the morning.
These are different and tasty from other places in Karachi

Making Parathas (Nan dipped in oil)

Yes, its 3:30 in the morning

Pyala hotel is also famous for massage by masseurs who are traditional masseurs, mostly from Punjab, who would give you head massage or full body massage for an incredible less amount of money. Many people can be seen getting desi (local) massage by these strong men. Besides the location and their style, this local masseurs won't give you less relaxation as compared to Thai massage which is famous for its traditional and professional style for a long time. However the amount of money that they charge, Rs. 200-300, for a full body massage is far more less than what people pay even in Thailand, Baht 200.

Masseur's inventory containing different oils to offer to customers

Back massage is complimentary with head massage just for Rs. 50-100

A masseurs sheet to lie on for full body massage. Yes, its dirty but its the thing. 
Karachi, being one of top 3 cheapest cities in the world, still has to offer too much to these people, people alike and tourists around the world who want to visit this beautiful country. As a matter of fact, travelers coming from different places around the world, who I usually meet, never have negative word about the people and are highly influenced by the love and hospitality by the people of Pakistan and specially Karachi.

This is not the only place but there are many other places alike, offering different taste of life and atmosphere and things which can't be seen in the big and metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Dubai, Bangkok and Kuala Lampur.